Thursday, 7 February 2013

What We Did On Our Holidays

(I do like a bit of Fairport Convention!) Anyhow, it's been two weeks now since we got back from three weeks in the States. It's a mad country! I love it ... and it annoys me in equal measure (well, more bias towards the 'love' end of things)... i guess I  watched too many of the TV ads! It's just pills and insurance.. and food! Sorry America, i know that's the mainstream and thanks to you fantastic bloggers i get to see the 'better' side, i was going to say 'normal' but i wouldn't want to label any of you that!! The trip was good, we got to catch up with Jakki's side of the family and friends and just hang out. The boys got to see lots of family for the first time, always an important thing. I won't put lots of family photos etc up here though, it's not that kind of a blog, i like you too much! I will though be sharing with you some of the places we visited... and re-visited. There will be Salvation Mountain, the Joshua Tree Inn, Noah Purifoy's art installations out in the desert and other cool stuff. It might take me a while, but I thought I'd better get the ball rolling. (bear with me though, i still have February to survive!)


  1. We are getting ready to drop our cable service. The other night watching the evening news, there were four drug commercials back to back, it is out of control! And the ads are also in all the magazines. Nothing wrong with posting family photos, your family is very beautiful after all!

  2. It sounds like a splendid trip for all, family and new places to see....great!

    We record anything with commercials so we can fast forward, particularly valuable during election season...gaaahhhh!

  3. Look forward to seeing some more photos and hearing about the trip.