Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cabazon Dinosaurs...and Religion!

Wow, this is now a weird place! We've dropped in on them before, even once it had been taken over by it's religious owners, but boy they've done a job. It's funny how they are retro-fitting dinosaurs into the religious story. Evolution obviously has no place, birds didn't come from dinosaurs, primitive man didn't evolve... they were just all different types of man at the same time! I kind of lost track of their viewpoint as i read various bits of 'information'.

However the boys loved it! They loved the old concrete Claude Bell dinosaurs and they loved riding a modern one inside. They liked climbing up the stairs inside the T-Rex and into his head to look out of it's mouth.

Inside the T-Rex mouth

Knights, chimps and dinosaurs... display perfection!!
It made for an interesting tour of the displays outside, there was a dinosaur with a lion laying nearby... there was even a lamb next to another!... ha ha. Anyway, i guess that has just added to it, beter than just a couple of nice old roadside dinosaurs to pose in front of (which, of course, we did)... and that was our introduction to our drive out into the desert for three days in the middle of the trip.

... ahem...