Friday, 8 February 2013

Back To Clay - Jack In The Green

The holes in his chest are for me to add ribbons after it's glazed and fired.
He's about 10 inches tall.

... Not that I've really been away from it, I've just been using the little time i do get to practice throwing... and also trying to figure out this clay/glaze/kiln conundrum. I wish I just had someone around the corner from me that could just get me sorted!! I am being advised from afar though, so hopefully it's only a matter of time and I'll be firing another test in a week or two, which should get me nearer to the right finished pot. It's a continually frustrating period for me and then I read the other blogs and hear of great pottery workshops etc (All in the USA!).. and there's just nothing here like that. There's the college which doesn't offer much, but there's not all these potters putting it out there to share their skills and knowledge. Damn, it's frustrating. I just want to have my basic set up, so i can focus on learning and improving ( though I'm fairly sure this is part of that 'learning' phase!). Anyway, i thought I'd actually 'make' something, so I decided to continue my English Folk Customs and make a Slipware Jack In The Green money box, to go with my Whittlesea Straw Bear, which i posted about here. It seems to have gone alright. I still need to make him his crown which will sit on top, covering the slot for the money, so it's function won't be immediately obvious, which i quite like. I intended to just sgraffito the leaves over his body, but then i tried a couple of clay leaves on his face... and got carried away. I've used a thin white slip, to make the most of the sprigged leaves. I'll put a couple of picture up with him wearing his crown of flowers, once i finish making it. I might also start on the third Folk character, The Earl Of Rone, once i finish this one. I do like hand building these pots, but i know that ultimately I want to be using thrown forms... so I'm going to have to go back to the wheel again soon...and recycle a lot of clay! I'll get there.... eventually.

freshly slipped. The eyes were cut out later to stop me filling the bugger with slip!

making use of some letter stamps and a zester!.. it's good for crap-rustic.

The Whittlesea Straw Bear, just waiting for me to get my act together!


  1. Love these guys! Now get them mass produced so I can buy them for cheap!

  2. You know I am a big fan of your work, you have got to get this glaze thing figured out and then make them and SELL them!
    I have a functional glaze phobia myself, I have yet to find a functional glaze I can fire without too much trouble, but I have plans to try again soon..... It justs takes lots of trials to find the right fit for you, ugh

  3. Scott, I love this guy. The leaves are amazing. Very well done all around. Do you have access to Ferro Frit 3195 from your clay supplier? Let me know if you do.

  4. Thanks guys!
    Lot's of trials is right Tracey and that's where I'm going wrong.. I'm just not doing enough tests. Going to make a lot of little things to test slip and glaze on and keep firing that kiln. I could only be a fraction away, but I'm putting it off. Seriously, I'm boring myself with this now!
    Ron, I will look into the Ferro frit, but i doubt it!... i may be able to track it down though. I actually don't think I'm too far off getting it to work, I just need to focus on getting some more fired. I always get there in the end, but i can be painfully slow achieving it!!!
    ...It's a tough life when you constantly annoy yourself!

  5. Hey Scott! These are great! Just been checking out the rest of your pots on your main website. Amazing to see how well your characters translate into this medium. Really nice!

  6. These are great, Scott. Probably some of my favourites so far.