Friday, 15 February 2013

America Trip

View from window of The Reel Inn, cold beer and relaxed.

Ok, I'm going to start running through our recent trip America. I'll try and keep it brief, so I'll skip over most of the family stuff. We flew into Vegas (well eventually after we got to the airport. We got on the wrong train by mistake and didn't realise for 30 mins or so!... and then panicked for a few moments trying to figure out how we detour back! eventually involved changing 3 more times and dragging two kids and all the cases across many platforms!!). I was relieved when we finally caught our flight and left the ground. Anyway we spent a few days in Vegas, the boys got to meet their grandparents and also their cousin, Denali (15) and Tex developed a bit of a crush. Then we headed to LA for a bigger family gathering the following day.
The rest of the time we just got to hang out, the boys got their visit to Disneyland and we got to do some driving around and soaking up the scenery, which included Topanga Canyon (and Top O' Topanga, which has amazing views). I'd quite happily live up there in Topanga... if only my finances matched my dreams!! Then headed to The Reel Inn in Malibu for some fish and just to enjoy the vibe as the sun set on another sunny day. It was a pretty family orientated trip and jakki got to meet up with some old friends. Then in the middle of our trip we took 3 days out to head out to the desert and take the boys to a few places that mean a lot to us.... and they'll be coming up next.

Tennessee taking time out from the fish tank

Tex enjoying some January sun (me too!)

a visit to Pinks and a splendid chilli dog.. it was very sunny too.. in January!!!

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