Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sketchbooks and Pockets

Thought I'd stick a pic of my current sketchbook... NOT my travel notebook of choice... it doesn't 'travel' very well! Yes, thought I'd give the over-priced moleskin a go, as you can see it just can't hack the pace! not even half way through and it's falling apart. This usually only happens in my books final days. I still can't find the right back-pocket notebook... even after all these years! (admittedly I've not tried that hard!) The most reliable tend to be the Simple Daler Rowney ones. I'm trying to find something a little thinner/more flexible. I know keeping it in my back pocket is going to give any book a tough ride, but i must be able to find something.
Any suggestions? I also find the moleskin paper too thin, so you get all the mess of the previous page showing through... not a problem with the Daler! Anyway, thought I'd use it to try and get my blog rolling again, while i wait for my spirits to not be permanently deflated!


  1. Ouch. So much for the moleskine. Neat to see your sketches in there though. I like the Hand Book Artist Journals. They are not flexible though, so I don't know about carrying around in your back pocket. They have heavier paper than the moles and it has a bit of tooth too.

    They may not be available in the UK. The Daler look interesting, I think we get those here.

  2. I've only just started to carry mini notebooks with me, they're moleskine ones, but i'm getting them cheaper through ebay.

    Really loved your work when you visited Lincoln Uni the other day, really inspired me to start taking those books with me everywhere.

  3. Hey Ron. I'm always late seeing your great comments when you go back to older posts, i eventually see them! Thanks for your input, you were the only one offering a potential solution. I'm looking into those books, they look like they could be good.
    Stephen, I'm glad you enjoyed it and good to have you on board the blogship Garrett!
    If you just start putting stuff freely in those books they will lead you down paths you would never have just sat and thought about. Don't worry about creating a 'perfect' sketchbook either, don't make 'pictures' gather ideas and reference notes.
    Good luck!... I'll be checking up on you!!