Thursday, 17 November 2011

Slipware Lamp Base- Part Two

Here it is all slipped and scratched. The erratic bold stabs that I'd wanted, ended up much more controlled and uniform than I'd envisaged, but i guess you can't make yourself do something you're not!
Now, how long is it going to take me to fire them?? Going to have to deal with glaze next, the next part of my learning curve! Matt's helped me out with that thankfully, i just need to buy some supplies and mix it up.

I also slipped my tall, top hatted money box man last night... he was a slumped heap this morning!! weirdly, I'm pretty cool about it. I learnt a lot constructing him and making decisions along the way. I do need to figure out why though ( I'm guessing it was not dry enough when i slipped it?) the key is to not keep making the same mistake! Anyway, it's time to focus on the kiln now, sorting glaze and then firing it. Might make a few mugs along the way. Wish me luck!!


  1. Oh those teeth, Ha. He somehow lends himself to the controlled sgraffito, like the contrast between his eyes, cheeks and the other marks. I put slip on when wet so I don't know, maybe it was too much slip or too dry ?

  2. He's pretty cool, that's going to be a great lamp!
    I made a whole board of bowls once, slipped them, came back later to find they had all melted onto the board. Last time I ever slipped anything! didn't like it, moved on :)

  3. ha ha. Tracey, i like it. This man is not for moving though, i love slip! was relieved to remember Doug having a similar collapse with an elaborate jug back in August... "at least it's not just a beginners thing" i thought.

    I have some ideas for 'small' stuff (ornaments!) which is just as well considering the size of my kiln... does that say something about the man????!

  4. I saw a post by Hannah one day where her slip had ruined some pots too. Most definitely happens to everyone, not just beginners. Slip work is for the not faint of heart, for sure! I like your influence photos today, I have had a face jug in the back of my head forever that I want to do and then raku fire it. One of those things that I never get to....
    The photos you posted for some reason also bring to mind the Jamon pottery, don't know why but when I looked at these photos Jamon pots came to mind, hmmmm....

  5. Tracey, DO the face jug! I'd love to see a nice raku one by you. Face jugs should have more words on them too.. perfect for you.
    I'll do my research on your tip-off.... hmmmm... there's always paths.. but you can't go down them all at once.... and breathe....