Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Harold Davidson

This old painting of mine seems to have gotten a lot of attention lately, sitting up on my lounge wall.
It must be about nine or ten years old now, back in the day when i used real paint and didn't mind putting 20 odd hours into a picture. I think i'd peaked on this one and still enjoy looking at it. Maybe it's time to pick up some paint brushes again? Anyway, the vicar was an interesting character and anyone interested in crazy tales should definitely look him up, you can find some info here. Sorry about the poor quality of the photo. I need to get myself a camera.


  1. Very nice. Did the need to paint him, of all people, come to you in a feverish dream or was there another reason?

  2. I reckon it was more than 10 years ago mate!

    Dont pick up that brush,look what it's done to me slaving over a painting for all those hours!